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When you confirm the dates you want to book, we will invoice you for £100 deposit. This deposit will be refunded in full at the end of your stay if your use of the cottage is considerate and reasonable. We reserve the right to withhold part or all of the deposit to cover the direct costs of additional cleaning and repairs necessary to rectify wilful damage, waste, anti-social or unreasonable use of the cottage.

We will invoice you for the payment for your booking in advance of your arrival date. If you do not pay this invoice within 7 days, we reserve the right to cancel your booking, and retain your deposit. If someone else books the dates you paid a deposit for, we may, at our discretion, offer to return your deposit to you or give you the opportunity to use it to book other dates.

For the avoidance of doubt, payment of the deposit gives you priority to book the dates you requested: your booking is only confirmed once you have

  • paid the booking in full before the date of arrival unless otherwise agreed in writing
  • received an email confirmation of your booking along with our guest information pack.

If your booking is less than 4 weeks in advance of your arrival date, the full amount of the deposit and invoice will be due for payment by return. Payment can be made by bank transfer, paypal or credit card via Stripe - payment details and links are provided on the invoices. Cancellations after payment of your deposit and booking must be notified by email. The deposit and payment for your booking is non-refundable if you cancel within 4 weeks of your arrival date. At our discretion, we may offer you a refund if these dates are re-booked by another guest. Holiday insurance is highly recommended.

We will only offer the cottage for bookings in accordance with Government guidelines. If self catering and Covid-19 travel restrictions prevent you from taking up your booking, your deposit and booking payment will, by mutual agreement, either be refunded in full or used to book future dates.

If for any reason we have to cancel your booking or terminate it early due to circumstances beyond our control (force majeure), you will be refunded in full or on a pro rata basis. This will be the full extent of our liability. No additional compensation, expenses or costs will be payable.

The cottage is a strictly no smoking property. You may smoke outdoors but please do not leave cigarette butts in the areas surrounding the property.

Fire safety information is provided in the guest information we will send to you by email and in the Guide to Dunaird Cottage file stored in the property. On arrival, please read this information carefully and note how to exit safely in an emergency and locations of fire extinguishers. The cottage has a NEST fire alarm which will notify you by voice of any fire or smoke related dangers. Please respond according to the guidance provided, leave the cottage and notify us immediately that you are safe and of the action you have taken to notify emergency services. Please do not light candles or tea lights at any time as this is a fire hazard.The fireplace in the cottage is decorative only - no fires (except the firepit outside the cottage) may be lit on any part of the property. When you book the cottage, you agree to take all reasonable precautions to prevent fires and fire hazards.

One or two dogs are allowed for a fee of £20 per dog per stay and subject to agreement in writing to additional terms and conditions. Please note, dogs are not allowed to sleep on beds or chairs in the cottage and must be kept on a lead at all times.

Dogs and children must be supervised at all times. Their safety is your responsibility. Please be aware of potential hazards including cars pulling in and out of the courtyard, the concrete steps from the lawn to the summerhouse (which can be slippery when wet) and the pond in the garden.

The cottage is set in a peaceful residential area and we expect guests to be considerate and not to play music or have the tv at a high volume between 10pm and 9am. No parties or social gatherings are permitted in the property, nor in the garden belonging to the property unless agreed with us in writing in advance.

Our expectation is that our guests will use the cottage with care and consideration and use reasonable endeavours not to damage to its structure, décor, furnishings, garden, or equipment. The guest information we email to you and provide in hard copy in the Guide to Dunaird Cottage file at the property should provide all the information you need to use equipment in the cottage safely and appropriately. You undertake to leave the property in a reasonably clean and tidy state and notify us of any breakages so we can arrange replacements and repairs. We reserve the right to deduct the costs of these from your deposit if we consider the damage to be more than reasonable wear and tear. An inventory is provided in the Guide to Dunaird Cottage file at the property.

We want you to have a relaxing and enjoyable stay in the cottage and if you have any issues or concerns, please contact us using the details provided and we will do our best to resolve these during your stay. Please note that a post-stay complaint will under no circumstances be recompensed.

We are not responsible for any accident or mishap to you or your property whilst on the premises or whilst engaged in any activity during your stay, or from any illness or injury arising from any cause whatsoever.

Your use of the cottage in accordance with the terms and conditions set out here represents: "a tenancy the purpose of which is to confer on the tenant the right to occupy the house for a holiday."

This gives you the right to occupy the property for the period agreed for holiday purposes only and in accordance with these terms and conditions. You may not sub-let the premises or any part thereof. We reserve the right to terminate the holiday without notice or refund if any of the above conditions are breached.

In accepting these terms and placing your booking, you agree to allow us to hold your contact details safely in order to communicate regarding past/current/future bookings. Once your booking is completed, if you do not want your details retained for notification of future offer, please let us know and we will delete your details from our records. Please note, we never pass guest details on to any third party.

Autism friendly and inclusive holiday experiences

We have refurbished Dunaird Cottage so that it is as autism accessible, friendly and inclusive as possible. We are keen to encourage autistic people, their parents, family members, friends and carers/supported to benefit from the peace, quiet and beauty of Dunaird Cottage. We offer a 20% discount to autistic guests and their family/friends/carers who holiday with us.

Carbon conscious discounts

We offer a discretionary "green" refund of £25 per person if you shop local and enjoy yor holiday in a considerate and carbon conscious way and use the eco-friendly cleaning products we provide to clean the property, put rubbish out in the recycling and put bedding, towels and tea towels in the washing machine when you leave. See the Guide to Dunaird Cottage file for further information. This discretionary "green" refund will be returned to you with your deposit at the end of your stay.